Your (and your daughter’s) path to better orgasms

A friend of mine said that what women really want to know is how to have better, longer lasting orgasms.  Great!  Let’s go there.


First, understand that your BRAIN is the most important sexual organ.


Mamas, your stress level dampens your orgasms.  Taking care of everyone else first, and yourself last, leaves you depleted – and that’s not a recipe for sexual arousal, let alone orgasms!


Not only that, your negative self-talk will keep you from even getting close.  Those worries and fears about how your body looks or whether your moves are somehow good enough – those must be purged.  Let them go.  Voice them out loud, and let your partner comfort you that your worries and fears have no basis in reality.  They are unfounded.


Your body is divinely worthy of being cherished. 

Your sexuality is vibrant, incredibly attractive. 

Your pleasure is the ultimate aphrodisiac, irresistible.


When you relax into your natural sexuality – when you stop thinking so much – and become the Goddess, worthy of receiving, entitled to guide, even demand, then your most powerful sexual organ is aligned with orgasm.  That’s when your brain is leading the way, rather than sabotaging the big O’s.


Now, is that going to happen with a partner who doesn’t understand your needs?  A partner who doesn’t respect your feelings?  A partner who doesn’t know what you desire or how you like to be touched?  I don’t think so.


Expressing those needs and feelings and desires is essential.  If that’s not happening…there’s the path.  Express more.  Ask for more.


Aphrodite picks her partners.  She doesn’t worry about her attractiveness!  She is all abundance and springtime, imperious and regal, without an ounce of shame.


And don’t worry if you don’t look like her.  The greatest seductresses of history were not particularly beautiful women.  Cleopatra is only beautiful in films; Catherine Sedley was “notoriously plain;” and Isabella Stewart Gardiner was quite homely, to mention just a few.


Physical beauty is not where your sexual power or orgasms will come from!  So stop dieting and cancel that consult with the plastic surgeon.  Let’s focus on empowering you to be your natural sexual self.


If you’d like help deconditioning your brain from the messages of marketers and the patriarchy…

If you’d like to learn how to express your feelings and needs…

If you’d like to better feel and express your desires…

I’d love to teach your how – and through you, your daughter, too.


The best way to set you on this path is for you to feel it, practice it, and embody it.  Stop serving.  Stop worrying that you take too much or do too little.  Don’t stay up to finish the dishes.  Don’t berate yourself for indulging.


How will you nurture your inner Goddess?  Not by doing another load of laundry.  Not by plucking your eyebrows.  Not by resenting your kids or partner.  Not by doing…but by receiving.


Feed your inner Goddess.  Let her receive a magnificent gift.


That gift could be the Mother-Daughter Empowerment Day-Treat.  Maybe you’d allow it for yourself, stepping into Goddess, letting yourself be richly served and supported.  Maybe your Goddess feels distant, but the Mama Bear inside you wants to fiercely shield your daughter from hurts you’ve endured and provide better for her.


Were you hoping the path to better orgasms was something easier?  A dildo?  A cream?  Some lingerie?  Those are just things people sell.  The true path is within yourself, and it begins with the certainty that Yes, I deserve this.


Because, that Goddess is within you, ready to awaken and bloom.  She’s also within your daughter, looking to be nurtured, not stifled.


However you choose to do it, let the Goddess receive.


In support of you,




P.S.  Early-bird registration for the Mother-Daughter Empowerment Day-Treat ends in 48 hours!  Feed your Goddess, safeguard her spirit within your daughter, and save $200.  Really, what could be better?


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