Supporting your girl through puberty


How are you doing?  How is this parenting journey going?


It certainly evolves.  Life with a baby is so different from life with a preschooler, which is so different from elementary school…and middle school plus puberty is a whole new world.


The days are long and the years are short.


Even though the type of play and connection may have changed, I know you love your child with the same passion – it just might be harder sometimes to let that warmth shine down on your big kid.


I’m sure you heard about the 2016 study which found that middle school mamas carry the most stress compared to parenting their kids at other ages.  Or if not, I bet you knew that just by living it!


That study recommended we support parents more as their children begin puberty.  I can hear all of you shouting, Yes Please!!  Especially if you’re on the cusp or in the thick of it.


Right-o, I’d love to.


But you’re uber busy, so it needs to fit into your schedule.  It needs to offer community so you gain some new shoulders to lean on.  It needs to be enough time and an intense enough experience to create those bonds, both for you and your child.  And you’ll want to learn some tools that launch your family forward.


That’s why I’ve created the Mother-Daughter Empowerment Day-treat.  It’s just one day, all day, with a mix of workshops for just the mamas, just the girls, and everyone together.  There’s lots of opportunity to bond, during the activities and the downtime.


And we’ll be learning real skills!  Check out our lineup of workshops, from the soft skills (communication, feeling and defending boundaries) to the hard skills (just-in-case real-life self-defense).


We’re offering this program first in the San Francisco Bay Area, so if you’re local or within range, take advantage of Early-Bird registration.


I can’t tell you if we’ll be offering this again, or when.


We’ve purposely set it up so that it’s easy to bring both your daughters, or your daughter and her best friend, or your daughter and her cousins.


We can’t accommodate the girl-scout troop this go-around, but definitely consider wrapping your daughter in a bubble of skillful community.  We’d love to host you and your besties, your daughter and theirs.


Of course, if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask!  Just hit reply.


In support of you,




P.S.  Early-Bird registration is only open for another week.  Grab your spot before prices go up!


P.P.S. Our cancellation policy is liberal (find it at the bottom of the logistics page), so even if you’re not 100% sure, I invite you to take advantage of the early-bird rate, and reverse course if plans don’t work out.

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