Prevent the heartache of sexual assault

Now that your taxes are done…did you know that April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention month?


I was on San Francisco State University’s campus, and I came across their board of activities for this month:

Anya Manes - Talking About Sex - San Francisco CA


While I applaud the university 100% for offering these free workshops, I’m also terribly sad, both that this is needed, and that it’s already too late for one fifth of the female students.  That’s how many frosh women have already experienced sexual assault, according to at least one study.


I think you’ll agree: we need to act earlier.  Is high school early enough?  Maybe.  Middle school?  Yes, I think so.


Dream with me…


What if we gave every middle schooler real consent skills?

What if every kid ages 10-14 had classes on feeling and defending their boundaries?

What if they even got practical self-defense training?


What a different world that would be!


It would be my honor to join a movement to make that a reality, city-wide, state-wide, nation-wide, world-wide.  Because campus sexual assault is such a huge problem.


Well, I’ll do the bits and pieces I can, right now, and I hope you’ll join me.  Here are the action steps you can take for Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention month:

  • Share with everyone: The National Sexual Assault Hotline is available by phone (800.656.HOPE) and online ( Talk with someone who is trained to help anytime, 24/7.
  • Learn the laws in your state. Educate your family, friends, and community.
  • Volunteer for a crisis center near you.
  • Dive deeply into the CDC’s technical package on preventing sexual violence – everything you need to know to tackle prevention from multiple angles.


And for your own daughter, consider joining our Mother-Daughter Empowerment Day-Treat.  We’ll be focusing on those most essential skills, that gift I’d like to give every kid, to help keep them safe.


I know many of you have taken a look and may be on the fence.  Have you heard of the 10-10-10 decision making strategy?  Briefly, it’s the idea that you can make a well-reasoned decision by considering the consequences of the choice (both sides) in 10 minutes, 10 months, and 10 years.


Whether you and your child attend our retreat probably won’t matter much in the next 10 minutes or even the next 10 months.  But in the next 10 years, when your child is on that college campus – having gained these skills, and having you model and reinforce these skills over and over with 10 years of conversations?  So worth it.


What will you do (because we can’t do nothing!) for Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention month?


In support of all survivors, and all who might avoid becoming survivors,




P.S. Registration for the Mother-Daughter Empowerment Day-Treat ends soon!  Join us on May 4th or email me about a possible overflow date in June.  (Are we considering doing it twice? You betcha!  Because this event is going to be aaaamaaazing!)

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  • Nicolette Courteau
    April 27, 2019 10:24 pm

    Have you ever considered organizing a local run to raise awareness and funds for this cause? This is something I have long thought was needed and would love to help make a reality!


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