Maintaining and Improving Sexual Health

A friend recently asked me, “Is anyone healthy?”  She meant through-and-through, totally 100% healthy.  It made me pause.  I couldn’t come up with more than one or two people.

How is it that we spend so much time and energy learning to read and write and do calculations, and learning about health is so low on the totem pole?  Wouldn’t it make more sense to do it the other way around, to prioritize learning how to be healthy so that all the rest of the learning can happen more easily?  Because I can tell you from firsthand experience that when a kid is sick or run down or in crisis, not much learning is happening that day in school.

If you’re homeschooling your child, you have the freedom to do this, and the rest of us have to find a way to teach health outside of school.  Health in general is a big topic, and finding a moment to focus on sexual health, well, it doesn’t happen enough.

Here’s your short list for what you can do:

  • Have your child schedule their doctor’s appointment for next year. Yes, I mean it.  Give your child the phone and the calendar and help them through it.  They need to learn this skill, and teens especially need to know how to contact their health care provider so that they can talk with them about their health (sexual or otherwise) at any time.
  • Choose an online health resource and share it with your child. Maybe WebMD is your go-to guide, or maybe you’re ready to step it up and share something like Scarleteen with your adolescent.  If it isn’t big enough for a visit to the doctor, having a quality online resource is the way to go.
  • Focus on health, not illness. This holiday season, what can you do to be healthy?  Plan a meal or an outing, or even just ask after watching something together, “What was healthy about their relationship?”  This is the best way to improve health. Focusing on disease or warnings of danger doesn’t actually work very well.  Surprised?  You bring into your life what you focus on, so focus on the positive.
  • Get connected to vetted resources. There is so much out there that instead of needing more content, we need better filters.  You don’t need to spend more time in the phonebook or online; you need someone who has already figured out what’s worthwhile and what isn’t.  I recommend Healthy Family Formula, run by a powerhouse of a mom obsessed with helping families get healthier.

In fact, I like Heathy Family Formula so much that I’m participating in their Healthy Family Formula Holiday Giveaway Event, raffling off free access to next year’s home study course in talking to your kids about sex.  If you register now, you’ll get to pick and choose from quality free gifts throughout the holiday season.  My free gift is a webinar recording on what to say to your child about sex and when, so that you’re not saying too much or too little, and so that you know you’re having age-appropriate conversations.  If that’s something you want and need, definitely jump on board!

I’m so grateful to all of you who read my emails and are proactive about how you’re raising your kids.  Thank you for spending your precious time in this way.

In support of you,



P.S.  The Healthy Family Formula Holiday Giveaway gifts will start flowing on December 19th and won’t stop until January 15th, 2017 with raffle days on December 31st, January 1st, January 14th, and January 15th!  All you have to do is become a member of the Healthy Family Formula to receive a FREE ticket to the event and to access my free gift and free gifts from dozens of other professionals and service providers who are all here to support you and your family’s journey to better health.

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