Yes, you get to have this

Every time I wonder about it, and every time I decide, Yes, I get to have this, my life gets a little better. I’m sure someone out there has not erred too far on the side of austerity, but for most of us, we’ve committed more to other people than to ourselves, more to our schedules than to our sanity.


Yes, I get to have this

I was pregnant when I decided to start this business instead of going back to teaching or getting another job. Did I have a clue where to start? No way! The admissions office always found my students for me, so I had no idea how to do marketing or sales or any of the rest of it. But everyone starts somewhere, and I told myself, Yes, I get to have this, my own business, where I set my own schedule and prioritize my family.

Then I went to a workshop led by the woman who would become my business coach, and she offered to work with me to get this thing launched, but I’d have to commit to a hefty monthly fee for 12 months, when I had yet to make my first dollar. How I struggled with that commitment! I cried. I wept to her and to my husband, for weeks, totally freaked out because money was so tight. But ultimately I concluded that Yes, I get to have this, the support I needed to make this dream a reality.

As things started to pick up

I couldn’t do everything while my daughter slept. I needed real windows of time when I could commit to phone calls and interviews, time to work. So I hired a nanny for the mornings, even though I didn’t know how long we’d be able to afford it. But I remember the immense relief I felt one morning when she had come early in the morning to feed and dress the baby and I got to just take a shower. A long unhurried shower, with no frazzled concern that the baby might wake up in the middle of it (for which she has an amazing knack – it’s uncanny). That was the first time I really felt the words ringing in my head: Yes, I get to have this!!

With the holidays approaching, what are you saying YES to?

Are they things which will feed your soul and move you towards health and happiness? Or, are you doing too much? Or maybe doing the wrong things? More shopping and more time on Facebook don’t bring me joy, and I’m guessing you’re the same.

Maybe you’ve been following me, receiving these emails out of curiosity. Most of you, I think, would like to have a close relationship with your kids where you can talk about anything, so that you get to teach your kids about sex and relationships, navigating with grace thousands of little conversations about boundaries and media messages and what healthy relationships really look like. You might be like I was starting this business, looking at the Grand Canyon-sized gap between where things are now and where you want to be, and wondering how to bridge it. I’ll tell you the first step: It’s deciding Yes, I get to have this.

If you’re ready to have that close connection with your kids, and to start teaching them what has so far been unteachable, I have a few spots opening up next year for new private clients. If you think working together would make a difference for your family, let’s explore it. There’s no fee and no commitment to get on the phone together, and I guarantee I can give you something useful in just that one conversation. I LOVE having these conversations and getting to know you. Yes, you get to have this, a free call with me to see how we can transform your concerns about your child into joyous confidence that he or she will be just fine out there in the world. Think of it as my holiday gift to your family, and your gift to yourself.

In support of you,

P.S. I get busy this time of year too! So don’t wait. Schedule your free call now while there are openings to choose from on my calendar.

P.P.S. Up for a challenge? Check out the What to Say When webinar for important conversations you can have with your kids.

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