Clearing the destructive cycles you don’t even know you’re caught in

There are gray areas which we know are tricky, and we just can’t explain them to our kids very well.  These have been coming up in my conversations with clients lately.

The key to teasing these out is to think about your normal.  My normal includes clean combed hair, contact lenses, and fresh clothes.  What’s yours?

Your child sees you get ready to face the world each day. What do you feel you have to do to meet your own standard of “normal”?  I guarantee that your child is internalizing that message.  It might be that women have to wear a bra or makeup to feel confident or good about themselves.  Or that you have to be clean shaven or hairless.  Or maybe that you have to have the latest style of clothing or the newest technology.

One woman told me about how she’d like to go dancing that night, but she hadn’t had a manicure and her fingernail polish was chipped.  Therefore, she was too embarrassed to go dancing.

Another woman shared how she uses fake eyelashes.  She’s used them so much that she doesn’t have any eyelashes of her own anymore.  Therefore, she has to keep gluing on the fake ones.

These women have a “normal” that obligates them, traps them, gives them less freedom to simply be themselves and happy in their own skin.  If you routinely wear makeup, and the face you wake up with in the morning doesn’t seem like your face, you’ve entered into the zone of body dysmorphia, rejecting your natural self.

Maybe your normal is looking down at your cell phone, even when spending time with friends and family.  Maybe it’s that you normally masturbate to porn.

When your normal shifts like this, you’ve made an unconscious choice to never be without that thing.  Its importance dramatically increases.  Your ability to be content without it plummets.  Anytime your normal includes a procedure or product, an addiction is born.

Many of our “normal” habits are not helpful.  You might have learned them from your parents, and since it’s your normal, you live that way still and you pass it on to your kids.  But, what if I told you that you can break this cycle?

Well, this is your opportunity to do just that – to become more conscious about those things you take for granted but which actually undermine your and your child’s ability to be wholly yourselves.
I have joined together with Michelle Lee, a women’s empowerment and self-love coach and 20 other parenting and self-development experts for a free online summit called Conscious Motherhood: How to be a Model of Authenticity and Self-Assurance to Cultivate Your Child’s Happiness, Confidence and Success!

We’re sharing deep thoughts and practical strategies on how to be the mom your children need all the while discovering your own authenticity, confidence and wholeness.

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We’ll be sharing our own life experiences as mothers and our wisdom as coaches and mentors so you don’t have to waste time trying to figure it out for yourself.

During the Conscious Motherhood summit you will:

  • Learn how to save time, energy and your sanity.
  • Learn how to increase your child’s self-esteem.
  • Discover how your authenticity empowers you AND your children.
  • Discover how to nurture your child’s innate potential.
  • Learn how to create PEACE within and around you in less than a minute.

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A FREE resource like this is worth your time.  The tips I’ve learned from these experts have been so valuable!  That’s why I was so excited when Michelle invited me to join her series.  I truly recommend it, and I hope you find it as helpful as I have.

In support of you,


P.S. The summit is almost over, so don’t wait!  You’ll be able to listen to any interviews during the Encore period, but you have to be on the email list to get the link.  Click Here Now!  It’s FREE!

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