The Pros and Cons of Technology

Like money, our technology magnifies our impact.  Having more or less money doesn’t make you a better or worse person, but having more money does change your ability to affect others – for better or for worse.  A rich do-gooder can do more good.  A rich ne’er-do-well can be more destructive than one who is less resourced.  Technology works like this too.


The more resourced you are in technology, the further your reach.  Think of all technology does for us!  E-commerce.  Free video calls, email, websites, and social media.  Incredible access to information.  Really, you can do so much if you learn a few systems.


What matters is your message.  If I carefully craft my message, and it’s useful for you, I can have a big and positive impact.  So can anyone.


On the flip side, the careless user (including the novice user) can be oh-so destructive.  Post a rant, a picture, or a video that casts yourself or someone else in a bad light, and it is incredibly difficult to completely erase that post from cyberspace.  It is so easy to post, and it feels anonymous, and the author might misjudge how the post will be received by others.  You can connect with anyone, including those who want to use the technology maliciously.  There are so many reasons why our kids get into trouble online.


It’s a parenting challenge that didn’t exist for our parents.  We can shield our kids from technology, limiting tech’s impact on them and their ability to impact the world (both positively and negatively), or we can grant them access and hope for the best (but you’ve read those horror stories, I’m sure), or we can carefully guide our children, skill-building with them and slowly granting more freedom online as they show us they can handle it.  Personally, I advocate for option #3.  It’s what your child needs and wants, and it also requires the most care and effort from you.  No joke – this is hard.


Whether you’re reading this and thinking about texting or social media or sexting or pornography, cyberspace is a dangerous and tricky place for kids.  At the same time, it’s incredibly empowering.


I invite you to take advantage of the good our technology can offer us.  Here are two ways I can share with you incredible resources to help you parent your child:

  1. Purchase and download The Talking to Kids About Sex Interview Series. It’s 31 experts sharing their best advice on all different aspects of parenting sexuality.  Click here to take advantage of this Cyber-Monday sale and get the series for half price.
  2. Announcing the Talking To Kids About Sex Home Study Course! I’ve done so many presentations and gathered so many resources and created so many tools that I’ve created an 8-week intensive course you can take from home.  Click here to learn more and to get it half price (this week only).


These projects of mine have been incredibly gratifying.  I am so grateful the technology exists to allow me to have this big of a reach and this big of an impact.  In the last two years, I’ve shifted from reaching one school to reaching the world.  It’s humbling and amazing and fulfilling in a totally new way.


This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my family and friends and work, and for YOU, who have read my emails, participated in my webinars and Facebook group, and spread the word about this mission of mine.  Thank you.


May you have a peaceful and restful holiday.









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