Here’s what parents are saying about the interview series

This interview series has been quite the journey!  Talking with all of these experts has taught me so much, and I’m a better coach for it.  Plus, my email is full every day and there are amazing conversations happening in the Facebook group.  The momentum is tremendous!

In case you’re not signed up for the series, or if you are, but haven’t found the time to watch, I wanted to share with you some of the things people are saying:

[vc_testimonial author=”ED” company=””] The impact is amazing. I feel so much more at ease addressing sexuality with my kids. [/vc_testimonial] [vc_testimonial author=”KA” company=””] Loving this series! Thank you for making this available for free!!!!!  [/vc_testimonial]

[vc_testimonial author=”CA” company=””] Thank you for putting this together. It’s such an important topic and the information presented has been wonderful and very helpful. [/vc_testimonial]


[vc_testimonial author=”RT” company=””] I am hugely grateful for this [/vc_testimonial]


[vc_testimonial author=”RG” company=””] Today I dug into the conversation a bit deeper with my children!!! It was fun and went great. I pulled out the book I have “it’s not the stork” which I had revisited yesterday as part of my research:)  Honestly this conference has helped me so much and I’m so grateful to be able to listen in each morning. Thank you!! [/vc_testimonial]

[vc_testimonial author=”RK” company=””] Great! I am so enjoying all the interviews! And learning a lot. Thank you!!!! [/vc_testimonial]


[vc_testimonial author=”CZ” company=””] Thank you – this series has been great, very thought provoking. I really appreciate all your work.  [/vc_testimonial]

[vc_testimonial author=”MCK” company=””] Thank you for the amazing Talking With Kids About Sex video series you’ve made available to the public! I’ve been absorbing a lot of wisdom and encouragement from these interviews and have shared them with a lot of other parents. [/vc_testimonial]


[vc_testimonial author=”ML” company=””] The talks are very educational and so badly needed. [/vc_testimonial]


[vc_testimonial author=”JMB” company=””] Anya, I’ve been following the interview series daily this month and have been so grateful for the amazing resources. It has led to some good conversations with both my 5 year old and my 12 year old daughters. And nice to know I’ll have all this practice with them and get a fresh start from the get go with our 8 month old. :)…Thanks again for your work on this! I’ve shared it with lots of friends and am feeling overwhelmed (mostly in a good way) with the depth and expansiveness of the information you are sharing. [/vc_testimonial]  


If you’re not in the Facebook group, or if you are, but haven’t been reading the posts, here are some highlights:

[vc_testimonial author=”JS” company=””]
I found out my 5th grade son googled porn and shared a link he found with some friends. I found it in his Tango group chat app. Needless to say, I was lost on what to do or say in that moment. It was a wakeup call for his Dad and me. I am so glad I found this group. My natural instinct wasn’t to yell or be mad but to be calm and matter of fact. When I listened to some of the interviews I felt validated in my approach. I liked the whole partnership idea and the idea of special time to build connection. It helped me plan how to approach our son…We were matter of fact about it all and he was very mature, attentive and responsive. It couldn’t have gone better! Thank you for the support!! [/vc_testimonial] 

[vc_testimonial author=”RG” company=””] I think your suggestions as well as Naomi’s will help! I like that you’ve given me something I can say if they say it’s gross. So I don’t freeze and not know what to say. Or perhaps feel like I have failed to relay the beauty of it. Thanks so much for this conference!! I’m really enjoying each and every speaker! [/vc_testimonial] [vc_testimonial author=”HP” company=””] Thanks Anya Manes – so agree with all you wrote and I really appreciate the support! This group is just such a valuable resource for community, learning, acceptance and shared understandings. Thanks again! [/vc_testimonial] 

So if you haven’t joined, what are you waiting for?  There will be an Encore period in July, so don’t worry about the interviews you’ve missed from the beginning of June – you’ll still have full access to them.

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In support of you,


P.S. My next project is a free video training (no interviews, just me), so if there’s something you’d like me to offer, comment below and let me know what you’d most like to learn from me.

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