You’re getting the content – want the discussion?

You’re reading all this content, and maybe you’re processing in your own time and life, but…the most interesting part of any workshop is the Q &A, right?  When you get to ask your questions, and hear how others are thinking through the material too.


We do that in our private members-only Facebook parent support group.


Let me give you a quick rundown of what’s happened in the group recently:


  • New resources, like, the film Every Day, and this video of men discussing sexism.
  • A personal question from a mom who wanted to know how to talk with a friend about that friend’s homophobia and the impact it’s having on their kids and community. We had a lively discussion about what we can and can’t do for others, how much we can take on as upstanders.
  • A good experience one mom had recently, discussing a sexy magazine cover with her 7 year old son. It’s so fun to read about the Wins, not just the challenges!
  • A discussion about how to counter the message that most teens get, that what’s most important about a girl is her ability to attract a boy. This one ranged from fostering more discussion of character traits to how to handle a girl’s desire to dress sexy.
  • A heated discussion about women doing the majority of the emotional labor, including how this can lead to women faking orgasms.


There are perks to being a member:

  • Access to 24/7 support for any question you have around parenting sexuality or parenting in general. Say your kid asks you a zinger question, like “What’s 69?”  Tell him you can answer that question tomorrow and post in the group.  We’ll help you out with depth and breadth, the arc of the conversation, how to keep it open, what phrases to use.
  • A community of like-minded parents warmly supporting each other as we navigate these tricky waters. The families in this group care about their kids’ exposure to porn, have dealt with bouts of cyberbullying, have tried the parental control apps and software.  Crowd source advice on social media privacy settings, apps to avoid, and other ever-changing technology tips.
  • Resources for getting informed and leading conversations with your kids: articles, videos, book recommendations, and more. Want a video to show your kid as a prelude to a conversation about sex or relationships?  Don’t waste your time searching YouTube.  Toss it up to the group! If I haven’t got the perfect resource for you already, I’ll hunt around for you.
  • Webinars live-streamed into the group and extended access to the recordings. No need to register.  No need to search your email.  Just click on “videos” and watch it at your convenience.
  • Biweekly Facebook Live presentations, where I’ll host a private Q&A or give pointers on a topic that’s coming up in the group. Can’t make it?  Submit a question ahead of time, and I’ll be happy to include it.  Click on “videos” and watch the Q&A recording at your convenience.


Try us out!  It’s just $1 for your first month.


In support of you,




P.S. We’ll be doing our next Q&A next Monday, 3/26 at 1 pm PST.  Will I see you there?


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