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If you’re watching the 2018 Talking To Kids About Sex Interview Series, you have your own opinion about the speakers and content, and I’d love to hear it!

Otherwise, here’s a peek at what people are saying:

  • “I just want to say these interviews are pure gold…This is soooo helpful in MANY ways! Thank you and hooray!”
  • “Absolutely love your work and this series in particular is fabulous!! Thank you for these conversations that breed more and more conversations and much growth and healing! They have helped me and my family immensely!! Thank you for all that you do!!! It’s done so much for me, my family and many others!!”
  • “They are fantastic so far!!! Really makes me ponder things. So happy to have such a great resource in you and all the other participating experts.”
  • “…Thanks to you and your work, I have the courage to speak up.”
  • “Every single interview has been good so far…Thanks for putting this all together. It’s really great.”
  • “I wanted to share my gratitude for the work you are doing and all I have learnt from your web talks. From this learning I have been able to not only have better more healing conversations with my daughters but I have also been able to take it into my practice…I am excited by what is happening now. I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do.”
  • “They have all been great!…Thank you for arranging this very important and powerful venue for ideas and discussion!”
  • “What a wonderful and helpful interview that was. I cannot thank you enough for putting this together. This is an area where we, as a culture and me as a mom, have so far to go. In raising two young girls, this is so much more challenging than I would have expected. I really appreciate the words/language and very real examples you both discussed during the interview. Thank you so much!”

It’s not too late to join. Our encore weekend is coming up, where you can cherry pick or binge watch as you like. Register here.

In support of you,

P.S. If you know you don’t have time to participate this week, while the series is available for free, there’s always the option to buy forever access. Purchase here.

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