The biggest mistake people make re Boundaries

Did anyone directly teach you about Boundaries?  No? Me neither. Don’t you wish someone had?

Most of us fumble through, making mistakes over and over before we hopefully learn from them. Much of that can be avoided though, with a little bit of clarity.

Here’s one of the biggest mistakes people make:  They confuse “I can’t take it anymore” with their Boundary. These are not the same thing! Your boundary is crossed much earlier.

We’ve become so good at delayed gratification. It seems like if we can just tolerate an uncomfortable situation a little longer, it might resolve without any drama. 

Then the tension mounts.  By the time we take action, it’s not calm and measured…but it could have been! We missed the opportunity. We could have handled it well, if we’d been more attuned to our boundaries and taken action sooner.

Now imagine this in a sexual situation: Do you want your kid waiting until they can’t take it anymore before they speak up?

Our abilities to stay centered and kind are vastly improved by defending our boundaries early and effectively…which makes us safe for our kids to talk to.

Our teen’s ability to experiment safely depends on them feeling and defending their boundaries.  Don’t you wish someone had taught you how to do that? Let’s make sure we give it to our kids!

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