Safety Showcase: sexual abuse and sexual assault prevention

August already!  Can you believe it?  While you still have a few lazy summer days left, and before your child starts a new school year with new peers, take some time to learn what we can do to keep our kids safe.

This collection of quickie interviews (10-15 minutes each) is a crash course in simple steps we can take to prevent predators from taking advantage of kids.

Topics include:

  • Preventing child sexual abuse
  • Strategies for teens to stay safe while out on their own
  • Tech safety tips
  • Preventing porn exposure and educating about the effects of porn use
  • Recognizing unsafe circumstances
  • Teaching healthy boundaries and exit strategies

This series is 100% FREE, and does not expire.  No need to purchase the interviews; they’re available on the site indefinitely.  All the experts are sharing their top tips, joining this public health and safety campaign.

Anya Manes - Talking About Sex - San Francisco CA

The experts are excellent, and several are the authors of books on my recommended list.  I’m one of the speakers, and my clip is about teaching kids to have healthy boundaries.

It’s an honor to be included with these powerful speakers!  Join us and get resourced.  You’ll have the prevention strategies right away, and if you ever have cause to need more help, you’ll know just who to reach out to.

Access the Priceless Safety Showcase here

Of course, if you have any questions, comment below.

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