Prioritizing the talks this summer

Woo-hoo!  Summer is here!  The last month has been busy with graduations and lining up summer camps and vacations, and now the hot weather is upon us.


Summer brings new opportunities for our kids: summer camp, family reunions, visits with new cultures and communities.  On the one hand, you get that time to yourself to rest and rejuvenate, to focus on your goals and self-care.  On the other hand, that you can focus on yourself means your kids are off on their own, and fingers crossed that they’re prepared.


If your child is joining a new program, headed to sleepaway camp, or off to Grandma’s for fun times with the cousins, you might have a deadline for having some important talks.


Now that it’s really time, you might be trying to remember what some of those experts said in one of my interviews, or searching for the notes you took when you participated in one of my webinars…or wishing you’d taken notes, or that you’d prioritized watching it in the first place!


Well, good news!  I’ve created a new option for this summer: a membership to my extensive library of videos. Sign up now for access to over 80 videos – that’s over 35 hours of content – on a wide range of topics, on this or that aspect of having open conversations with kids about sex and relationships.


Check out the membership here.


Because there’s a lot to know about what to say and when, preventing sexual abuse, or how to talk with your kid about pornography, or staying safe online, or boundaries and consent.


When you join the membership, you’ll be able to cherry pick and binge watch the videos most relevant to your family: the how-to webinars and the expert interviews.


Not only that, I’m lining up membership bonuses!  Beyond the video library, you’ll be invited to our parents-only discussion group, where you can ask questions and receive support.  And I’ll be sending out a poll soon to see what other perks you’d love to have as part of this membership.


Lock in the early bird rate now, and you’re membership will continue at just $1 a day, for as long as you’re with us.  That’s a savings of $240 a year!


Join the membership – and lock in the early bird pricing – here.


I’ve created this early-bird option, not just because I imagine this is what you might need right now, but as a thank you for opening my emails, attending my talks and webinars and online events, passing them on to your friends and family.


I’m sooooo grateful for your support, and I hope to welcome you into our new membership community.


In support of you,




P.S.  The Early Bird pricing ends on July 1stJoin us now!

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