Prevent Your Child’s #MeToo Story

I’ve been working on this for months!  It’s so fun to have it all coming together, and I’m sharing it all with you for free!

It’s The 2018 Talking To Kids About Sex Interview Series, and this year we’re focusing on how to prevent the next generation’s #MeToo experiences

What counts as a #MeToo experience?  Sexual abuse.  Sexual harassment (cyber or otherwise).  Sexual assault.

This is on every parent’s mind as we scroll through the news or social media:  Am I doing right by my kid?  Am I teaching them what they need to know to navigate this society safely?  Am I helping us move forward, away from rape culture and towards a culture of consent?

When I was thinking about putting this together, about what comes next and how to #Prevent_MeToo for our kids, I decided I wanted speakers who could help us

  • Raise kids who are both assertive and empathetic (especially assertive girls and empathetic boys)
  • Teach boundaries and consent skills (because most of us aren’t successfully modeling consent culture at home)
  • Heal trauma, so we can move beyond stigma and shame and fear
  • Envision what’s possible when we no longer have to fear rape culture

Almost everyone I approached with this project was eager to help!  There are over 20 powerful speakers in this interview series, and we’re all speaking from our hearts to yours, offering the best of what we’ve learned and developed.

We’re closer than you might think.  With a bit of courage, a pinch of vulnerability, and a willingness to try what these experts recommend, we reach the tipping point.  The point where a lot of the toxic things which have been “cool” and “normal” become distasteful.  Where social pressure shifts from reinforcing rape culture to actively confronting and disapproving it.

Won’t you join us?  Register here.

In support of you,


P.S. The event begins November 5th, and if you join now, as a bonus, you’ll receive 3 of the best interviews from last year’s series!  No need to wait.  You can dive right in!

P.P.S. We’d love your help spreading the word.  Changing a culture is slow hard work!  It takes reaching as many families as possible.  Grow the bubble of awareness around your child.  Invite your community by forwarding them this email, and share on social media.

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