KALW added a special warning for my interview


Today I was featured on Crosscurrents, a radio show local to the San Francisco Bay Area which airs on our local NPR station, KALW.  One of the program directors had seen a social media post about one of my workshops and thought my approach was interesting.  An email landed in my inbox out of the blue, asking me if I’d be willing to be interviewed, and I was thrilled to my tippy toes!


It was very different from the first time I did a radio show.  The first one, About Health, was live, but this one was prerecorded.  We talked for an hour; the segment that aired is 7 ½ minutes.


I loved doing the interview, and I left feeling good about all that I shared.  When I listened to the broadcast today, I had mixed feelings.  I noticed I have a tendency to use conformational uptalk, and that’s a habit I’d like to kick. At the same time, I did earn that special warning, and my husband was impressed by my chutzpah.


So what made the cut?  We talked about how I got started, questions from the question box, teaching kids to have healthy boundaries, how to talk about porn, and sex in advertising.  If you have about 7 ½ minutes right now, you can listen to the interview here.


I hope you find it helpful!




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