It’s like having a baby!

I get emails like this one quite regularly:

Hi Anya,

I just registered for the…webinar, hoping I would get access to a recording… But when I click on the link, Zoom says that the Webinar has expired. Is there any way to access this webinar?


and from the same parent,

We really appreciated the…webinar, and have already moved forward…We’d love to recommend your…webinar to friends. How can they access the webinar?


As fun as it is to be in correspondence with each parent, it’s clear that we need a more streamlined way to offer anytime access to the information I regularly present at workshops.


I’m delighted to unveil a brand new for you to browse and access webinars, video series, interviews, freebies, and more!


Click here to check out the video library!


I welcome your feedback.  What would you like to see that isn’t already there?


In support of you,




P.S.  Did you see that you can get the first month of the membership at 80% off?  Plus a money-back guarantee?  There’s really no risk.  Join us.

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