2017-2018 group program

I am thrilled to announce that the next year-long Opening the Communication group coaching program launches this November.


This is a program in which you’ll learn the skills you need to parent your child’s sexuality.  You’ll get the space, individual support, and community you need to get really clear about your values, your game plan, to be cheered on for your wins and be supported through the hard moments.


We’ll focus on several core areas, including:


  • How to answer your child’s questions calmly and completely, without giving too much or too little information, without oversharing, so that your child feels comfortable bringing their questions to you in the future.
  • What topics to discuss with your child and when. We’ll go over the depth and breadth and what kinds of phrases you can use so that you’re really comfortable and prepared for those conversations, and you’ll know you’re not leaving out some critical piece.
  • Getting you and your partner on the same page so that your kids don’t receive mixed messages about masturbation, pornography, gender stereotypes, or other tricky topics.
  • Your relationship with your child and the best practices for staying close and growing closer, especially during adolescence, so that you build and don’t lose connection.
  • What to say about pornography and sexting, so that your child is prepared and knows what to do to stay safe.
  • How to start conversations, so you can talk about media messages and stereotypes, freeing your kids to be who they are, not who advertisers want them to be.
  • A step-by-step process to teach kids to have healthy boundaries, so that they have a strong internal compass guiding them. We’ll help your kids gain real integrity and to be grounded and sure of their choices, and to not regret their choices, both in person and online.


I was so pleased with how the 2016-2017 program went, but don’t take it from me.  Here’s what participants in the program said:


“As silly as it may sound, I’ve found the encouragement to read books to my kids that I would have been too intimidated to read, and that’s given them the foundational info they need at this age. The class has also helped me and my husband get on the same page with getting our heads out of the sand and figure out what we’ll need explain and face and prepare for. It gives me a framework for facing some pretty intimidating stuff and not indulging in postponing talks that need to happen.” – LM


“Your info always seems to address the question. In other words I don’t feel like I talk about something or ask for something then get a response that is not really about what is bothering me. You are a great listener.” – DL


“I feel great about the program and working with you and I feel very empowered that I’m making this kind work a priority. I am so grateful for the opportunity and I love working with you… The impact on me is that I feel more clearheaded about the whole process of discussing puberty and sex education with them, and I’m not alone in helping them/talking through it with them. Also I am less anxious knowing that I am getting amazing professional guidance. I also feel more connected to them, and I think I’m becoming more empathetic which is important” – JN


“The program is extremely valuable. The main inhibitor to these conversations for me was my fear of saying the wrong thing/not knowing what to say at all. You have captured and packaged this subject so concisely that these conversations are becoming easier to have or envision having. Part of me is still at the envision stage, but as I see all of the prompts in our everyday lives, I am rehearsing potential conversations and occasionally jumping in and having them.  The Boundaries Exercise and subsequent conversations are life changing for my kids. I am also teaching myself how to feel when my boundaries are crossed and take appropriate action!” – JB


I feel much more comfortable opening conversations with my kids about issues related to sexual activity, the way the media portrays sex, and why they need to advocate for themselves and make their own plans, not be led around by others. My kids went to a music festival in our town without me this summer, and I felt comfortable talking with my daughter (15) about what might be going on there. It wasn¹t the anxious, panic conversation I might have had in the past, I was able to just talk about it, without my own drama. Isn¹t that how we learn? We practice in a safe space and then we are more confident when handling the real thing. That¹s what I got from your help.  I also feel I am more able to understand the world both of my kids live in, which is very different from what I grew up in. Nothing is perfect, there are still mean people out there and people who want to take advantage, but I feel more able to support them in a constructive way.” – MG


Want that to be you?  Let’s hop on the phone and see if this program is a fit for your family.


with great excitement for the work we’ll do together,



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  • Susan Payson
    May 11, 2017 1:10 pm


    • Hi Susan, I don’t list a price because I don’t know exactly what you need. Let’s get on the phone and see if it’s a fit! Then we can determine whether the basic package is right for you, or if you need more, or if there’s a discount or scholarship I can offer you.


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