Preparing Your Child for the Online World




What do we as parents need to keep in mind as we guide our children’s use of technology?  Worried about your children accessing pornography, sexting, or becoming addicted to their phones?  Join us to learn what you need to know about the dangers, how to help your child be a good digital citizen, and how to make parenting your child’s online activities a natural extension of the parenting you’re already doing.



Anya coaches parents to become the mentor and amazing parent they’ve always wanted to be for their kids.  By transforming and opening the communication between parents and their children, Anya helps parents have deep and connected conversations about anything.  Anya’s specialty is helping parents talk with their kids about sex, to ensure that their kids have safe and healthy sexual relationships from the start.  

She has come to this work after healing her own wounds around sexual abuse, teaching high-school science for over a decade (including the reproductive system, fielding all her student’s questions!), completing her masters coursework in Education, graduating from the Interchange Counseling Institute’s year-long training program, and starting her own family.



Anya Manes