How is a Super Session different?

I get it: a 6 month or year-long program is a big commitment.  We’ve already taken on one or more 18 year commitments (or is it more like 35 these days?).  Adding in a coaching program might feel overwhelming.

And yet, you’d like to parent your child’s sexuality in a different and better way than what you got as a kid.  You can see the gaps, and you’d like some help filling them in.

When clients sign on with me, their families get a bit of a makeover. 

They learn new boundaries skills which change how they’re communicating with their partners.  Their relationships with their children shift.  Their thinking about topics relating to sexuality and parenting becomes refined.  Their confidence increases.

These clients come to me looking for these changes…but let’s be honest, it IS a change!

You might not be ready for change.  You might be a wee bit skeptical of change.

Maybe you’d like a no-pressure deep dive, a not-so-intense intensive where you get to try on a bunch of new things to see what fits.

Rather than committing to a new look, let’s just have fun in the dressing room.  

We can look at shorts, just shorts, the subtleties and quirks of shorts.

Or we can try on the whole store.

If you decide this new look isn’t quite you, you won’t have bought into 10 more sessions or 10 more months of a program that doesn’t suit.  You can just take home the one thing you loved.


What will we do?

I’ll email you some pre-work to do before our session.

It’s all optional, but the more you do, the deeper we can go in our session and the more we can do with the time.

You email the pre-work back to me, and we’ll schedule our 3-hour session for the following week, so that I have some time to review and digest what you sent.

We’ll meet for our video call to discuss, meander, and in general expand upon the pre-work.  I’ll answer your questions, outline a plan, and we’ll do some skill building in the direction you’d like to go.

After our session, I’ll write up my notes.  You’ll receive an email with that recap and suggestions for next steps, including links to any resources we discussed.


Follow up?  Yes!  There’s follow up!

You’ve done the pre-work, the session, gotten the recap email…and there’s more if you want it.

You’ll have priority email access to me for the next 30 days as you try on the ideas we discussed and the skills we practiced.

Plus, I’ll check in with you and keep you accountable to any plans we discussed.

Because, now that you bought the shirt, you might have questions about which pants to wear with it, or maybe how to wash and maintain said shirt.

And if you find you’d like a whole bunch of those shirts, we can find a way to get you more!

Or, if you’re all set, good to go, you won’t have committed to more than you needed.


Ok – I’m interested.

Cool!  But let’s make sure this is a fit.

Let’s have a quick chat to make sure that what you want is something I can deliver.

Because the store I’m planning our dressing-room date in might not have any bullet-proof vests, and if that’s what you’re looking for, it would be helpful to know that upfront.

I might know of an excellent store with purple, pink, rainbow, and polka dot bullet-proof vests!  In a quick call, I can send you there, instead of getting bummed that nothing we tried on was what you wanted.

Make sense?

Great!  I’m looking forward to dipping our toes in together.