Anya Manes - Talking About Sex - San Francisco CA

The statistics are terrifying:

1:4 girls and 1:12 boys will be sexually abused.  90% of abusers are people you know and trust (of course – why would you let your kid be alone with them otherwise?).  Just under half of those cases are minor on minor.  And 3 out of 5 abused kids don’t tell.

All that doesn’t change the fact that it’s our responsibility, come hell or high water, to protect our children.

How do you do that? 

Here’s your crash course in preventing child sexual abuse and dealing with it in your family or community.

This video series includes:

The Birds and Bees & Beyond webinar: three essential conversations to have with young kids about sex and relationships (all 3 will help prevent sexual abuse)

8 half-hour interviews with sexuality experts

  • Amy Lang of Birds & Bees & Kids on sexual behavior in kids
  • Kerri Isham of Power Up workshops on preventing sexual abuse
  • Rachel Grant, abuse recovery coach, on freeing yourself and your family from the impacts of sexual abuse
  • Rachel Grant on discussing sexual abuse with our children
  • Tara Spears of Talk Sex with Me on parenting sexually reactive kids
  • Jill Goetz of Savvy Parents, Safe Kids on prevention and red flags of child sexual abuse
  • Svava Brooks of Darkness to Light on preventing child-on-child sexual abuse.
  • Dr. Janet Rosenzweig , author of The Sex-Wise Parent, on protecting our kids by talking about arousal and grooming