Teleseminar Description:

Ever struggle to talk to your preteen about sex and relationships?  Not knowing what to say, feeling uncomfortable, or having a tense relationship with your preteen can get in the way of having warm and connected conversations about these important topics.  In this teleseminar, you’ll learn why connection is vital and how it sets the foundation for a safe and healthy parent-child relationship. You’ll also learn how to counteract what your kids are absorbing about sex from the media and how to teach them to respect themselves, their peers and later, their partners.  Not sure how to talk to your child about body objectification, sexting and porn?

We’ll be sharing our best strategies for

  • creating and keeping a close bond with your pre-teen

  • guiding them through the onslaught of media messages they’re getting about sex

  • talking about porn and sexting


Listen to the teleseminar recording:

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