Anya Manes - Talking About Sex - San Francisco CA

It is hard to be a teen, and it’s really really hard to parent a teen. How do you connect and have real conversations? How do you talk about the serious stuff, like consent and sexual assault? How do you go beyond the basics into pleasure and varsity-level sex-ed?

Here’s your starter kit. This video series covers the basics from connecting with your teen to talking with them about tricky topics like boundaries, consent, virginity, sexual assault, sex toys and fetishes.

This video series includes:

The Talking with Teens about Sex & Relationships webinar

8 half-hour interviews with parenting and sexuality experts

  • Karen Young of Hey Sigmund on understanding & parenting the adolescent mind
  • Charis Denison on overcoming the distance between you and your teen
  • Kristine Tye on connecting with your teen
  • Amber J Keyser, author of The V Word, on virginity
  • Karrie Myers Tayor, Self-Care Coach, on boundaries and self-care
  • Mike Domitrz of The Date Safe Project on consent and dating safely
  • Al Horner of Not Me on preventing sexual assault
  • Amy Lang of Birds and Bees and Kids on talking with kids about pleasure, sex toys, and fetishes

I recommend parents of teens also invest in the Media and Cybersexuality video series.