Anya Manes - Talking About Sex - San Francisco CA

This generation is much more accepting of non-heteronormative sexual identity…and sometimes it takes us out of our comfort zone.  We see gender differently and may need a little help understanding the challenges and limitations of the gender binary, heteronormative paradigm we grew up with.

Besides gaining basic foundational knowledge about sexual identity, this series will give you practical tips for supporting all sexual identities in your household and in your community.

This video series includes:

The Talking with Preteens about Sex & Relationships webinar

7 half-hour interviews with parenting and sexuality experts

  • Kerri Isham, of PowerUp workshops, on gender identity and sexual orientation
  • Dr. Traci Lowenthal on when your child comes out to you
  • Libby Bergman, parent of a trans kid, on parenting sexual identity
  • Susan Berland, parent coach, on accepting your child’s sexual identity
  • Kathy Labriola on queer and bisexuality
  • Jess Mahler, author of Polamory and Pregnancy and The Polyamorous Home, on kids & polyamory
  • Dr. Elisabeth Sheff, poly families researcher, on what to say about non-monogamy and kink