Anya Manes - Talking About Sex - San Francisco CA

Our children are absorbing all kinds of messages from our culture, through film, advertising, social media, and pornography. Even if parents shield their kids from much of this media, adolescents spread it amongst themselves.

Because so many kids have devices, we need to be teaching them about digital safety while actively deconditioning them from marketer’s messages. It’s not a question of whether they’ll be using social media, or whether they’ll be exposed to online pornography – it’s when.

This video series is your road map for this new terrain: how to balance our digital and real lives and how to talk with your kids about tough topics like marketing messages, social media, sexting and porn.

This video series includes:

The Talking with Kids About Porn Webinar

9 half-hour interviews with sexuality experts

  • Janell Burley Hofmann of iRules on balancing our digital and real lives
  • Nancy Gruver of New Moon Girls on the effect of media on our girls
  • Keisha Howard, the Confidence Coach on girls, confidence, and social media
  • Melissa Campbell of Commercial Free Childhood on how marketers create gender stereotypes
  • Katey McPherson of the Gurian Institute on middle school kid culture and digital safety
  • Jo Langford of Beheroes on boy’s sexuality & porn
  • Marlene Mahurin of Cyber Strong Kids on cybersafety and cybersexuality
  • Dr. Megan Maas, researcher on adolescence and cybersexuality, on sexting and pornography
  • Cordelia Anderson, porn researcher, on what our kids are absorbing from porn