Anya Manes - Talking About Sex - San Francisco CA

We’re totally freaked out by the words “child” and “sex” in the same sentence! Even so, children are sexual beings. It’s hard to wrap our minds around, and many of us are bewildered and tongue tied.

How do you parent a child’s sexuality? What’s the best response to a child who masturbates in public? A child interested in doctor play? What are age-appropriate conversations, and how do you answer questions?

This video series is your course for laying a strong foundation, helping your child open up, and being ready for the opportunities they bring you.

This video series includes:

The Birds and Bees & Beyond webinar: three essential conversations to have with young kids about sex and relationships (the first is a safety conversation to prevent sexual abuse)

12 half-hour interviews with parenting and sexuality experts

  • Amy Lang of Birds & Bees & Kids on sexual behavior in kids
  • Patty Wipfler of Hand In Hand Parenting: what to do so that your child can tell you ANYTHING
  • Marnie Goldenberg, the Sexplainer, on bringing JOY into conversations about sex
  • Scott Noelle of the Daily Groove on questioning your “shoulds” & parenting through partnership
  • Samantha Moe of Mad2Glad on how to help children open up
  • Sandi Schwartz of Leading Edge Parenting on answering zinger questions age appropriately
  • Cath Hakansan of Sex-Ed Rescue on answering your child’s questions
  • Vicki Abadesco of Soul Shoppe on developing empathy in your child
  • Katie Thune of Sexuality for All Abilities on sex-ed for kids with special needs
  • Mike Domitrz of The Date-Safe Project on age-appropriate conversations
  • Naomi Aldort, author of Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves on teaching children healthy boundaries
  • Naomi Aldort on talking about pleasure and porn-proofing our children