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Why We Talk Infographic

As a science geek, I care a lot about good data!  Every year I taught my students how to do research papers using reliable resources, because it pains me when bad information is thrown about as truth.

I know you don’t have time to investigate sources, and it’s so helpful to have this information presented in a way that you can quickly and easily absorb it.  So rather than writing a research paper, I hired a graphic designer and created an infographic for you.

It’s FREE, not because it isn’t valuable, but because I want every parent to have access to this information.

I want you to have the best data at your fingertips. Beyond visualizing the information for you, each statistic is linked directly to the study it came from.  If you want to learn more, just click.  I’ve vetted each of these studies and statistics myself, but you don’t have to take my word for it!  Check them out on your own, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me that these are issues we can’t simply hope will get better. We’ll have to make an effort.

My point is this: we can’t have our heads in the sand about parenting sexuality.  The rates of sexual abuse and porn exposure and sexting and sexual assault are just too high to ignore…and actually parenting to prevent all of those is going to do way more for your child’s success in academics and in life than most anything else you can do.

But first things first: If you don’t know what’s REALLY happening out there, you don’t know what to talk about or why we need to.

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