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Boundaries and Consent Bootcamp

Lay the foundation this holiday season for healthier family dynamics.  More connection, less drama

My life will never be the same after going through this program.  Truly, honestly, that’s just the bottom line.

  • Be Proactive Instead of Reactive:  Learn where your edges are so that you can model healthy boundaries and teach them to your children
  • Assert Boundaries Kindly: Clearly, kindly, and firmly give voice to your boundaries.  Teach your children to use boundary language to resolve conflicts
  • Sexual Abuse Prevention: Adopt body boundary strategies that reduce the risk of child sexual abuse impacting your family

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Parents are realizing how important it is to raise empowered, not passive, kids

Overwhelmed?  That’s a boundaries issue!  Let me help.

Don’t wait for a scare to start talking about healthy boundaries and consent culture with your child; these conversations are PROTECTIVE.

If, like me, your parents didn’t do a great job of talking with you about healthy boundaries, these modules will give you the structure you’re lacking: how, when, and what to say.

But one thing is certain…

Getting a headstart NOW on having more open and honest conversations will help you and your kids be able to talk about anything, and will give them the power to make healthy choices about relationships they build in their most formative years.

…the ability to talk openly, honestly, and kindly about love, sex, and relationships is one of the greatest gifts you can give your children as a parent!


Anya is a calm and grounded influence when it comes to helping parents tackle this important and uncomfortable part of parenting. Her expertise as a coach and educator really works for parents who need more than just the basics of the sex talks. I am so delighted to have a colleague in the same field who takes parents through a deep-dive into these conversations and shows them how to talk to their kids with an open heart and a ton of information.

Anya Manes - Talking About Sex - San Francisco CA
Amy Lang, MA
Birds, Bees & Kids

These impactful modules are for parents who have realized that it’s time to roll up their sleeves and do a deeper dive into teaching boundaries and consent, preventing the next generation's #MeToo stories.

Here's what's included in the course to help you become a better communicator and guide for your kids:


Boundaries & Consent

Learn how to model and teach your kids the necessary skills to create personal boundaries and establish consent in their relationships.

Step by step activities

Use my road map for skill building feeling and defending boundaries. These quick, kid-friendly activities are powerful but optional.

Video Transcripts

For those who prefer reading to watching videos, transcripts of each module are provided. They’re also a great way to review the content and share it with family.

Q&A Calls

Group calls throughout the program ensure you’ll have opportunity to get your questions about your unique family answered.

Forever Access

Access to the content is yours forever. Simply log in to review the modules and activities.

Private Group

All members get access to my private parents group on Facebook. Join the community, and help each other grow and learn!

You have probably seen or heard about boundaries and consent culture, seen the memes and outrage on social media, or have thought about these topics privately, or maybe talked about the problems quietly with your spouse or with other parents.

…and even after all this ruminating, you may still have questions. You may feel like there’s still more to learn beyond what you know or have experienced, but don’t know how to take it to the next level.

What Parents Are Saying Right Now About Anya's Boundaries Content...

“I have more confidence about my daughter and son being out in the world…we’ve had ‘the talks’ and I now know my kids have the values that are important to me”

Sheri G.

“I am really gaining the “courage to be uncomfortable” and really go beyond the anatomy and mechanics of sex. Your videos have really opened my eyes to how much of a disservice I have been doing my child by not incorporating this language from the start…I cannot thank you enough for providing this!”

Haley B.

Anya’s workshop on boundaries and consent was very practical and useful! She has a great way of explaining the importance of boundaries and consent, whether your children are dealing with a sexual situation or an everyday situation. Thank you, Anya!

Johanna R.

“I found Anya’s workshop on Boundaries and Consent to be extremely thoughtful and effectively presented. I will definitely integrate her tools and techniques – in my own parenting and health educator roles – to encourage understanding of and sense of comfort for our children to make healthy, safe, and consensual choices.”

Nicole M.

My Promise To You...

Anya Manes - Talking About Sex - San Francisco CA

I’ve been teaching workshops and working with the best minds in sex education for years – and there’s one thing I know for certain…

  Chances are, there was a lot missing from your own education about boundaries and consent when you were a kid. If you are anything like me, you might have had to learn these things the hard way, through trial and error, and sometimes at the cost of great and yet, unnecessary pain.

Your kids don’t have to have that experience.  Give them the gift of doing this well, right from the start.  Be the ally your kids need as they grow and mature into the wonderful human beings they’re meant to be.
I also know that learning new things (or unlearning old behaviors) can be difficult. Indeed, the ideas we discuss can be challenging and, at times, may conflict with what you might believe or have experienced, and I encourage everyone to explore the series with an open mind.

This is the content I’ve gleaned, created, and piloted with clients and it has worked for them.

I also understand that your family is unique and this online course might not be a good fit for everyone.
My ultimate goal is to give you the tools you need to teach your kids about healthy and loving relationships.   At the same time, as a parent, my greatest fear is that we unknowingly raise another #MeToo generation, despite having the resources to prevent it from happening again – this content is the “missing manual” your parents didn’t have.
I want you to feel empowered and like you’re being rewarded for becoming a better communicator and mentor for your kids around creating healthy relationship dynamics, and if that’s not what you feel after watching the videos, then I will refund your purchase 100 percent. No questions asked.

This is my promise to you…

…so what do you say, are you ready to jump in?