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You deserve to feel CONFIDENT, SUPPORTED and GROUNDED.

The program is from July – December 2018

Do you want to be your child’s go-to resource for information and support?

You can be. Not only that, your child wants you to be.

You can create the comfortable attachment which will foster deep and connected conversations… this year. I did not have parents who guided me with sex and relationships. My own struggle toward healthy boundaries was full of successes and failures.

As a high-school teacher, I witnessed hundreds of kids struggle as I did. This is the program I wish my parents had done, the skills I would have liked to have as a teen, what I would love to give each of my former students. I’ve designed this program as a parent, for parents.

If what holds you back is:

  • Fear of saying too much or too little
  • Not knowing what is age appropriate
  • Feeling like you’re missing the right words or phrases
  • Your own discomfort with talking about sex and relationships
  • Your child’s discomfort with talking about sex and relationships
  • A desire for simple easy steps
  • A lack of a model to follow

And you want to:

  • Break down the barriers to real communication in your family

  • Feel deeply connected to your child
  • Confidently role model healthy boundaries and relationships
  • Know exactly what to say and how to say it
  • Protect your child from a multitude of sexual harms
  • Build a healthier society and expanded awareness
  • Get support from parents who have the same goals and challenges
  • Express your wisdom in a way your child can hear
  • Lower anxiety levels around your child’s safety out in the world
  • Build a healthier society and expanded awareness

Let me help your family navigate the challenges which are holding you back so that you can take this to the next level.

ATTUNED is designed to unleash your potential, empowering you to be your child’s greatest ally in navigating the nuances of sex and relationships. Imagine if you’d had that kind of support from your parents. What would be different?

Some of What Anya’s Clients Have Shared…

[us_testimonial author=”- Dumari St. Angelo,” company=”private coaching client”]

“As a single mom of 2 teenage boys, one of my greatest desires was to gift my sons with valuable life skills that would help them have happy and healthy relationships, both with themselves and with partners. I knew this would involve talking about sex and other “touchy” subjects, but I didn’t know how to approach these in a way that would be heard, much less welcomed.

Since working with Anya, I’ve been able to have empowering and engaging conversations about sex and other important topics with both of my sons. Now they come to me not only for advice about girls, but also about other challenges they encounter in their daily lives. I am thrilled!

Anya is warm, personable, friendly and full of great ideas about how to communicate with your children regarding difficult topics in an honest and mutually-respectful way. She had great examples and exercises to help me and my boys implement what I was learning with her. Working with Anya not only helped me give my boys a priceless gift, but it also gave ME the most beautiful gift: a closer relationship with my boys.”

[us_testimonial author=”- MB,” company=”private coaching client”]

I felt relief and joy that I have someone to talk to about my daughter. As a single parent, I don’t discuss my parenting issues as much as I’d like, so it felt good to have a partner helping me out. The sessions weren’t difficult, and I felt very comfortable.

Anya taught me a lot. She pointed out things I could start talking to my 8-year-old daughter about, like porn and molestation, that I hadn’t even thought about. Plus she taught me how to do it! Anya taught me how to introduce new vocabulary and concepts like boundaries that will lay the foundation for future conversations. I got little assignments and worksheets to help me. Anya is clear, to the point, understanding, sincere and very thorough.

All of my talks with my daughter went well, so I just felt really good about having done it and that there weren’t any issues to speak of. I feel more comfortable being able to talk about any subject with her, including sex, as a result. I feel more confident about the teen years. I feel like I know what’s coming and feel good that I have laid a groundwork. Anya became a valuable partner in helping me with this piece of the parenting puzzle and I would recommend her to anyone.”

[us_testimonial author=”- MG,” company=”private coaching client”]

I feel much more comfortable opening conversations with my kids about issues related to sexual activity, the way the media portrays sex, and why they need to advocate for themselves and make their own plans, not be led around by others.

My kids went to a music festival in our town without me this summer, and I felt comfortable talking with my daughter (15) about what might be going on there. It wasn’t the anxious, panic conversation I might have had in the past, I was able to just talk about it, without my own drama. Isn’t that how we learn? We practice in a safe space and then we are more confident when handling the real thing. That’s what I got from your help.

I also feel I am more able to understand the world both of my kids live in, which is very different from what I grew up in. Nothing is perfect, there are still mean people out there and people who want to take advantage, but I feel more able to support them in a constructive way.”


During these 6 months together we’ll focus on:

  • How to initiate open ongoing conversations
  • Skill building how to defend boundaries kindly
  • How to get out of lecture model
  • Crystalizing your family values so they can be communicated easily
  • What to do to encourage your child’s questions
  • Why our current models fail and how to truly teach boundaries and consent
  • Normalizing deep discussions about happiness, partnership, sex, media messages, etc.

Join our nourishing community experience where you and your partner can get laser coaching and guidance from me, support and encouragement from your classmates, extra practice with the skills we’re working on, and learn from everyone else’s experience.
Here’s what’s included in the program:

  • 2 content-rich, fun, and interactive group coaching sessions (video calls through Zoom) every month
  • Call recordings in case you miss them, and so you can re-listen, or share them with your parenting partner
  • Clear action steps to take after every call, so you can use what you learned and go create real results right away
  • Handouts, book recommendations, and tons of resources to support you
  • Unlimited access to my library of interviews with sexuality experts
  • 24/7 access to our private Facebook group
  • Accountability from me and your fellow participants in the group to keep you moving toward your goals

Choose Your Tier:


$2000 or $400/month
  • 2 90-minute group calls
  • Private Facebook Support Group
  • Action Plans, Handouts and Resources
  • Anytime access to call recordings
  • Interviews with sexuality experts


$2250 or $450/month
  • 2 90-minute group calls
  • Private Facebook Support Group
  • Action Plans, Handouts and Resources
  • Anytime access to call recordings
  • Interviews with sexuality experts
  • 3 30-minute Private Coaching Sessions


$3000 or $600/month
  • 2 90-minute group calls
  • Private Facebook Support Group
  • Action Plans, Handouts and Resources
  • Anytime access to call recordings
  • Interviews with sexuality experts
  • 6 30-minute Private Coaching Sessions
  • 1 2-hour Super Session for deeper work
  • Private unlimited email access

Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum commitment is 3 hours a month to join or watch the group calls. Your participation in the Facebook group, and use of handouts and videos included in the program is strongly encouraged but not required.

This is not a deal breaker! Past participants have had excellent results from watching recordings and taking advantage of resources and private coaching sessions. All course materials will be curated in one easy-to- use password-protected webpage for you to access anytime and anywhere.

This is a unique skill-building program in which I’ll teach the Boundaries curriculum I have designed as well as several other tools I’ve created. This is not a hodgepodge of what’s already out there. I bring a unique lens to this work. Parenting and sexual health programs are dominated by therapists and human sexuality experts. I blend their work with my background as an educator, creating simple, fun, and actionable steps to build missing skills.

May 31 is the deadline for Early Bird pricing and the Early Bird bonus, but enrollment will continue into June and for a few weeks after we start. Better to enroll now and grab the discount plus the bonus and so you don’t have calls to catch up on!

More of What Anya’s Clients Have Shared…

[us_testimonial author=”- Johanna Rosenthal,” company=”MPH, workshop participant”]“Anya’s workshop on boundaries and consent was very practical and useful! She has a great way of explaining the importance of boundaries and consent, whether your children are dealing with a sexual situation or an everyday situation. Her use of stories and examples really drive home important messages, and I found myself thinking, “I’m definitely going to use that!” She also gives you really helpful language to share with your child, to help them clearly communicate their boundaries. I now have a new list of what I need to discuss with both of my kids and feel good knowing that I’m preparing them to have safe and healthy relationships. Thank you, Anya!”[/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial author=”- LMl,” company=”group coaching client”]“As silly as it may sound, I’ve found the encouragement to read books to my kids that I would have been too intimidated to read, and that’s given them the foundational info they need at this age. The class has also helped me and my husband get on the same page with getting our heads out of the sand and figure out what we’ll need explain and face and prepare for. It gives me a framework for facing some pretty intimidating stuff and not indulging in postponing talks that need to happen.”[/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial author=”- SG,” company=”private coaching client”]“Coaching can seem more expensive than other forms of help (therapy, books, etc) but it’s so much more powerful! With a skillful coach like Anya,I got priceless support with how to find a deeper connection with my kids. Since Anya’s coaching, I have more confidence about my daughter and son being out in the world. We’ve had the talks and I know my kids have the values that are important to me. This work is not easy for me, and that’s why I wanted Anya’s help.

In our second session, I was overwhelmed and embarrassed that I hadn’t done my homework. Anya picked up on my fears, paused the planned session, and we explored what was holding me back from completing the very simple homework. After that gentle support, I had the resources to move forward with her program and I had better tools for talking with my kids. It just so happened that the night after doing that work with my daughter, she and her dad had a fight over the phone. I noticed that she and I were communicating with more rationality and empathy about the situation than we normally would have, and she was able to get emotional resolution more easily than ever before. If you want better communication with your kids no matter their age, no matter the topic (but ESPECIALLY about sex and relationships) run, don’t walk, to Anya.”[/us_testimonial]

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