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For many of us, the onset of puberty is the wake-up call that we need to parent sexuality as actively and thoughtfully as we do all else! Suddenly you’re watching your child develop into a sexually mature being, exposed to so many media messages and the cyber world…and you know there’s lots of ground to cover.

Here’s your starter kit. This video series covers the basics from connecting and beginning to talk with your adolescent about sex to discussing masturbation, virginity, and healthy relationships.

This video series includes:

The Talking with Preteens about Sex & Relationships webinar

7 half-hour interviews with parenting and sexuality experts

  • Karen Young of Hey Sigmund on understanding & parenting the adolescent mind
  • Torie Henderson of Time for the Talk on how to start talking to your kids about sex
  • Jane Bennett of A Celebration Day for Girls on welcoming menstruation
  • Sonia Petecka, style consultant and coach, on talking to kids about how they're dressing
  • Nicholas Tana & Denise Acosta, documentary film makers of Sticky, A Self-Love Story, on masturbation
  • Mercedes Samudio of The Parenting Skill on talking about virginity
  • Jasmine Uribe of Break the Cycle on how to teach kids to have healthy relationships

I recommend parents of preteens also invest in the Media and Cybersexuality video series.

Purchase Now!Only $47