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Talking With Kids About Sex: What to Say When

From teaching the facts of life...to preventing sexual abuse...to standing up for oneself...

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Birds + Bees and Beyond!

Three essential conversations to have with young children about sex and relationships

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Talking to Preteens About Sex and Relationships

How are you preparing your child for a safe and healthy adolescence?

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Talking with Teens About Sex and Relationships

A what and how guide to talking with your teen
about sex

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Interview Series

Talking to Kids About Sex Interview Series 2017

This set of 31 half-hour interviews in the 2017 interview series is a crash course in how to parent your child's sexuality. These experts will help you create trust and openness in your relationship with your child, clear your own blocks around talking about sex with your kids, thoughtfully engage in a wide range of conversations with your child about sex and relationships and much more.

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Talking to Kids About Sex Interview Series 2016

These set of experts in the 2016 interview series provide powerful concrete steps you can take as a parent to clear your blocks, help you talk to your child about anything, have an open honest relationship in which your child can ask you questions about sex and relationships, know exactly what to do to PROTECT your child from sexual abuse and much more.

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Topic Specific Trainings

Sexual Abuse: Parenting and Prevention

Sexual abuse is so tragically common. Learn what you can do to prevent child sexual abuse from affecting your family, and how to manage it if it's already happened.

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Childhood Sexuality

How do you parent a child’s sexuality? This video series is your course for laying a strong foundation, helping your child open up, and being ready for the opportunities they bring you. Watch this series to be ready for doctor play, masturbation, explaining private parts, and where babies come from.  

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Parenting Sexual Identity

This generation is much more accepting of non-heteronormative sexual identity...and sometimes it takes us out of our comfort zone.  We see gender differently and may need a little help understanding the challenges and limitations of the gender binary, heteronormative paradigm we grew up with.  Besides gaining basic foundational knowledge about sexual identity, this series will give you practical tips for supporting all sexual identities in your household and in your community. 

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Preteens and Puberty

Middle school and adolescence is one of the most stressful periods for parents!  How do you connect with your child and talk about changing bodies and new emotions?  Here’s your starter kit. We cover the basics from connecting and beginning to talk with your adolescent about sex to discussing masturbation, virginity, and healthy relationships.

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Parenting Teen Sexuality

It is hard to be a teen, and it’s really really hard to parent a teen. How do you connect and have real conversations? How do you talk about the serious stuff, like consent and sexual assault? How do you go beyond the basics into pleasure and varsity-level sex-ed?  This video series covers the basics from connecting with your teen to talking with them about tricky topics like boundaries, consent, virginity, sexual assault, sex toys and fetishes. 

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Media and Cybersexuality

Because so many kids have devices, we need to teach them about digital safety while actively deconditioning them from marketer’s messages. It’s not a question of whether they’ll using social media, or whether they’ll be exposed to online pornography – it’s when.  How will they be influenced by that media?  This video series is your road-map for this new terrain: how to balance our digital and real lives and how to talk with your kids about tough topics like marketing messages, social media, sexting and porn. 

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Join Our Community

Talking with Kids about Sex Parent Support Group

Since kids are sexual beings, THEY’RE going to have questions, and YOU’RE going to have questions about how to parent your child's sexuality.  We live in a hypersexualized yet sex-silent culture.  This group exists so you can be supported in learning how to have open and honest conversations with your kids about sex and relationships.  If you want a community of parents who are also actively parenting in this way, this group is for you.

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