Three essential conversations to have with young children about sex and relationships

From teaching the facts of preventing sexual standing up for oneself...


There’s a lot to talk about!

  • What conversations are developmentally appropriate
  • Strategies for presenting information comfortably
  • How to teach key relationship skills

Did you know that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 12 boys are sexually abused?  That 87% of teens say it would be much easier for them to postpone sex and avoid teen pregnancy if they were able to have more open, honest conversations about these topics with their parents?

Don’t wait until puberty to start talking; set your family up for success now by having open and skillful conversations.

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It was wonderful!

Thank you! all useful especially boundaries.

Great language to use with kids.  I feel I can help make my kid less of a target with these tools.  Great presentation!

I appreciated the use of connection and emphasis on how to use it to teach kids about sex and relationships.

Very informative – I feel much better about how I’m going to handle this conversation.  Thank you!

I loved the boundaries examples kids can relate to.

It was great - I know I’ll need a refresher when my kids get older.

The part on boundaries I loved (well I loved all of it).  And I appreciated how to safeguard against pornography.

Thank you, very informative!

Very thorough and organized, providing a good basis to start conversation. Thank you!

I appreciated the encouragement that the parents are powerful and have the greatest influence on guiding our children.  I aligned with your comments that we are the guide and allies to the children – and educate rather than shame.