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This set of 31 half-hour interviews is a crash course in parenting sexuality. These experts provide powerful concrete steps you can take as a parent to clear your blocks, create a stronger relationship with your child, and thoughtfully engage in a wide range of conversations with your child about sex and relationships.

Simply watching this interview series will help you:

  • Create trust and openness in your relationship with your child
  • Clear your own blocks around talking about sex with your kids
  • Bring joy into conversations about sex
  • Answer your kid's questions about sex
  • Have age-appropriate conversations
  • Teach your child about healthy boundaries and consent
  • Build empathy
  • Prevent sexual abuse and assault
  • Parent a sexually reactive child
  • Tailor discussions for your special-needs child
  • Guide your child to have safe interactions online, and away from sexting and porn
  • Be a supportive parent of your child’s sexual identity
  • Handle tricky topics gracefully, like virginity, porn, and non-monogamous relationships

Featuring: Patty Wipfler of Hand In Hand parenting, Naomi Aldort of Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves, and Amy Lang of Birds and Bees and Kids.



Patty Wipfler: what to do so that your child can tell you ANYTHING
Anna Seewald: building trust with your child
Michelle Lee: breaking free of your unconscious patterns
Kristine Tye: connecting with your teen
Samantha Moe: how to help children open up
Vicki Abadesco: developing empathy in your child

Parenting Sexuality - the basics

Torie Henderson: how to start talking to your kids about sex
Cathy & Todd Adams: doing your own work so you can parent sexuality
Joe Kelly: fathering sexuality
Marnie Goldenberg: bringing JOY into conversations about sex
Cath Hakansan: answering your child's questions
Mike Domitrz: age-appropriate conversations


Naomi Aldort: teaching children healthy boundaries
Karrie Myers Tayor: boundaries and self-care
Katie Thune: sex-ed for kids with special needs
Mercedes Samudio: talking about virginity
Sonia Petecka: talking to kids about how they're dressing

Preventing Sexual Abuse & Assault

Kerri Isham: preventing sexual abuse
Rachel Grant: discussing sexual abuse with your child
Amy Lang: sexual behavior in kids
Tara Spears: sexually reactive kids
Al Horner: preventing sexual assault

Navigating Sexual Identity

Dr. Traci Lowenthal: when your child comes out to you
Susan Berland: accepting your child's sexual identity
Kathy Labriola: queer and bisexuality
Jess Mahler: kids & polyamory
Dr. Elisabeth Sheff: what to say about non-monogamy and kink

Media & Digital Sexuality

Nancy Gruver: the effect of media on our girls
Jo Langford: boy's sexuality & porn
Marlene Mahurin: cybersafety and cybersexuality
Dr. Megan Maas: all about pornography

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I’ve learned so much from these experts, and I know you will too! Here are just a couple of the comments I received (unsolicited!) re the 2017 series:

I must let you know that these talks have been truly illuminating and much needed. Thanks a ton for making this happen. Well done and all the best. 

- T

I'm just writing to thank you over these talks. It was a great series. Thanks for sharing with all of us…what I got is really great, and more than enough tools to get to work with my son and patients.


- MA
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