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This set of 31 half-hour interviews is a crash course in parenting sexuality.  These experts provide powerful concrete steps you can take as a parent to clear your blocks, create a stronger relationship with your child, and thoughtfully engage in a wide range of conversations with your child about sex and relationships. 

Simply watching this interview series will help you:

  • Talk to your child about anything
  • Have an open honest relationship in which your child can ask you questions about sex and relationships
  • Know exactly what to do to PROTECT your child from sexual abuse
  • Set boundaries and provide information to PORN-PROOF your child
  • Move past your own discomfort so that you can be there for your child in ways your parents might not have been for you
  • Guide your child to make safe healthy choices as they grow into their sexuality

Featuring: Patty Wipfler of Hand In Hand parenting, Naomi Aldort of Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves, and Amy Lang of Birds and Bees and Kids.



Patty Wipfler: what to do so that your child can tell you ANYTHING
Sandi Schwartz: answering zinger questions age appropriately
Scott Noelle: questioning your “shoulds” & parenting through partnership
Karen Young: understanding & parenting the adolescent mind
Charis Denison: overcoming the distance between you and your teen
Dr. TaMara Griffin: how race, history, religion, and faith shape our sexuality
Lanae St. John: the five building blocks of sexuality

Shame & Pleasure

Avalon Darnesh: modeling good boundaries and clearing shame
Nekole Shapiro: how sexual shame keeps us from educating our kids
Naomi Aldort: talking about pleasure and porn-proofing our children
Xanet Pailet: the importance of sex and intimacy for us and our kids
Nicholas Tana and Denise Acosta: masturbation
Amy Lang: how to talk to your kids about pleasure, sex toys, and fetishes

Sexual Abuse & Assault

Jill Goetz: how to prevent child sexual abuse and what red flags to look for
Svava Brooks: preventing sexual abuse, especially child-to-child sexual abuse
Rachel Grant: free yourself and your family from the impacts of sexual abuse
Dr. Janet Rosenzweig: protecting our kids by talking about arousal and grooming
Jasmine Uribe: how to teach your kids to have healthy relationships
Mike Domitrz: how to teach kids about consent and dating safely

Emerging Sexuality

Jane Bennett: welcoming menstruation
Amber J Keyser: virginity and all the muck that surrounds it
Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus: gender roles, self-esteem, and mindfulness
Katie Thune: sex-ed for kids with special needs
Libby Bergman: parenting sexual identity
Kerri Isham: gender identity, sexual orientation, porn and sexting

Media & Digital Sexuality

Melissa Campbell: how marketers create gender stereotypes and disempower girls
Nancy Gruver: what media is leaving out and how we can guide our girls
Keisha Howard: girls, confidence, and social media
Janell Burley Hofmann: balancing our digital and real lives
Katey McPherson: middle school kid culture and digital safety
Cordelia Anderson: what our kids are absorbing from porn

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I’ve learned so much from these experts, and I know you will too!
Here are some of the rave reviews I received (unsolicited!) re the 2016 series:

I am really gaining the "courage to be uncomfortable" and really go beyond the anatomy and mechanics of sex.  This series has really opened my eyes to how much of a disservice I have been doing my child by not incorporating this language from the start…I cannot thank you enough for providing this. 

- JD

Loving this series! Many thanks for organizing it!! I thought I was aware and open and this series is making me realize I was not. But I am working on it now!


- R

What a powerful program.  You tackled a tough topic and made it doable.  Thank you!!

- EL

As a colleague, parent coach and mother, I'm in complete awe of this series.

- RS

Thank you so very much…It has been incredibly helpful, eye-opening, life-changing, informative. A…blast of information I wanted and needed to know.

- SS

The impact is amazing. I feel so much more at ease addressing sexuality with my kids.

- ED
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